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After in depth research, I chose to decline radiation and instead boost my immune system.Five years later I never felt better and am looking forward to a full remission.Traditional medicine offers no successful treatment for this type of cancer.I tried six months of chemotherapy however my body could not withstand the toxicity of the chemo drugs.My last 3 annual CT scans showed no growth of the cancer-hooray!” The following is the results from Carol’s CT Scan and PET/CT fusion imaging dated November 1, 2005: “There are no focal areas of hypermetabolism seen to suggest residual/recurrent disease.

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Thank God for my own immune system and the treatment that I am presently taking.”“I made the decision to come to the IAT Centre because the treatments offered to me by the Mesothelioma specialists were not at all promising.She chose radiation, keeping her face in tact & began the IAT treatment in September of 1979. Burton & the Clinic on Carleton Fredricks radio program on WOR, NY.She was initially at the clinic for a month & 1/2, returning, at first every 4 months, then every 6 months….finally every year. Clement said that she should go off of the treatment, but returning every year for a tune up.” He recommended she go to the Clinic in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas.Within two weeks she and her husband were at the clinic and she began the IAT treatment. Millie has been well, no metastases, since she has continued on the IAT treatment.

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