Who is serena dating in season 5

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Conan notices that Ken, Osgood's driver, is the only one with a motive.

While talking with Ken, he reveals he planned to start his own software company but became ruined due to Osgood.

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Samuel takes over the call, tells his wife he will call later and asks Conan and Rachel to leave so he may talk with Richard.

Richard returns, telling Conan and Rachel he took Samuel's request to spy on Catherine and her affair.

Impersonating Richard's voice with his bow-tie, Conan reveals Samuel to be the killer.

The English adaption of season two was later released in a DVD boxset by Funimation on September 30, 2008 containing episodes twenty-seven to fifty-two, twenty-six to fifty-one in the Japanese numbering.During a four-minute break, the producer Miguel Santos is shot and killed.After the show ends, Miguel Santos is found by a cameramen.As evidence, Conan gives Meguire a tape of the alarm clock in Samuel's guest room to compare with the recorded phone call.The alarm clock in the guest room is revealed to have a missing note and matches with the musical melody in the phone call.

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