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He was a remarkably kind, patient, easy going man, had the perfect personality to be the father of so many children.He was totally unflappable, nothing ever bothered him, and I can hardly ever remember seeing him angry.WIL JIJ NIETS MISSEN OVER DANIELLE STEEL EN HAAR BOEKEN?SCHRIJF JE DAN HIER IN VOOR DE MAANDELIJKSE DANIELLE STEEL NIEUWSBRIEFDanielle Steel is een van 's werelds populairste auteurs.Since I always seem to share with you what goes on in my life, I am sharing with you now sad family news for us.My ex-husband, John Traina, father of eight of my nine children, passed away suddenly on February 1st, and it is a huge shock and grief to all of us, and most especially our children.It never dawned on me that I would be lucky enough to be in his life one day. He proposed to me on Valentine’s Day (which was pretty funny, we both had other dates for that night, which we decided to honor, so as not to disappoint anyone, but we let our respective dates know that we had just gotten engaged). John had two adorable very young sons, Trevor and Todd, who were friends of my daughter’s and I knew well. And John was truly the handsomest man I have ever known, and was until the day he died, and a kind one.Eventually, he and his wife became my friends, and invited me to some dinner parties, with my assorted not very exciting boyfriends at the time. I had my daughter Beatrix, and my son Nick was a baby (whom John adopted once we were married). He made everyone feel special, and I felt like a fairy princess, Cinderella, when I was with him.

John was Married, with a capital M, and seemed to be a great husband. My son Nick was desperately sick for our entire marriage, which was a challenge, my career was demanding, I’m more of a homebody, John loved going out and having a huge social life, which I didn’t always have the energy for with nine kids at home, one of them very ill, and constant deadlines.He was married then, and his wife was wearing a beautiful gown which had actually been a costume worn by Vivien Leigh as Scarlet O’Hara in the movie.John was wearing a Union Officer’s uniform and looked incredibly dashing.A few years later, as I mushed along in my own life, he and his wife separated and divorced. She was marrying someone else, John was alone and I was amazed that he invited me out. We were at different points in our lives, he in the final stretch, the fun part, he retired early and had more time to play than I did.He was nearly 20 years older than I, although he didn’t look it, and I thought he was much too glamorous for me—I had a kind of “Who? And I tend to be a more serious person, and was happy at home with the kids, or working.

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