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I’ll go horseback riding with my 8-year-old or I’ll take a music class with my 2-year-old. Now that they’re getting older, we committed last summer to each having them for two weeks straight, which is a long time—I’d never been away from them for that long.So everyone feels like they do something with me that’s special and just for them. So one of the hardest moments was saying goodbye to them.I wore it day and night for 40 days, and it totally helped my belly get back in shape after my third and fourth babies. How do your kids react when they see you on magazine covers in swimsuits? They know I was a model, and they like seeing the contrast of Mommy in sweats to being all glamorized.I don’t think any of my children are going to grow up being judgmental.Now, Brooke is 41 years old in her age and she was born in Hartford, Connecticut of United States.Brooke belongs from American nationality and her ethnicity is Portuguese mother and French and Irish belonging of her father.For me, I felt like those younger years were super-important.

It’s a compression garment that helps your belly go back to its original size quickly. Many European, Asian and Central American women do this. My older daughters are too young to have that conversation right now.

I try to pull out activities to keep my little ones busy when I’m busy.

And I always let them know what I’ll be doing, when I’ll be home, and that I will always come back.

How do you look so great after having four kids [Neriah, 10, Sierra, 8, Rain, 3, and Shaya, 2]?

Dancing was the best thing I ever did because it was such an unbelievable workout.

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