When the music stops dating

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If I, were to die murdered in cold blood tommorrow Would you feel sorrow or show love, or would it matter?

Proof nigga I'ma wolf, get your whole roof caved in like reindeer hoofs Stomp the booth, shake the floor tiles loose The more y'all breathe shit the more I moves It's _Hill Street_, this is hardcore _Blues_ Put a gun to rap, check in all our dues (nigga) Or make the news, betcha all y'all move When the uzi pop you better drop, when the music stop Music has changed my life in so many ways Brain's confused, been fucked since the 5th grade LL told me to "Rock the Bells" NWA said "Fuck the Police," now I'm in jail Ninety-three was strictly R&B Fucked up haircut, listened to Jodeci Michael Jackson - who gon' tell me I ain't Mike?

In the early 20th century, pipe organs were installed in theaters to accompany the screening of films during the silent movie era; in municipal auditoria, where orchestral transcriptions were popular; and in the homes of the wealthy.

The organ is one of the oldest instruments still used in European classical music that has commonly been credited as having derived from Greece.

A pipe organ with "great leaden pipes" was sent to the West by the Byzantine emperor Constantine V as a gift to Pepin the Short, King of the Franks, in 757.

In England, "The first organ of which any detailed record exists was built in Winchester Cathedral in the 10th century.

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