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They found the island's only known drinkable water-source – a brackish spring on the north shore, exposed at half tide – and ate fish, birds, eggs, crabs and peppergrass; but they had largely exhausted the ready food within a week and on 27 December the three boats set sail for South America, leaving behind Thomas Chappel, Seth Weeks, and William Wright who chose to stay, and who survived until their rescue on 9 April 1821.

In his account of the ordeal, Chappel reported having seen human skeletons in a cave.

In August 1851 visitors from Pitcairn Island also found skeletons in a cave and wreckage on the adjacent beach.

After a party of Pitcairn Islanders collecting miro wood rediscovered the skeletons in March 1958, a medical examination determined that the bones were of Caucasian origin, and they were then buried in a shallow grave inside the cave.

An American survey team examined the bones in 1966 and buried them in five coffins in the left-hand corner of the cave, tightly jamming a large cross between the ceiling and the rock floor at the entrance.

They concluded the remains were of five or six people, one of whom was between three and five years of age.

Henderson Island (formerly also San Juan Bautista and Elizabeth Island) is an uninhabited island in the south Pacific Ocean.

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The depression at the island's centre is thought to be a raised lagoon.

It was presumed they were the survivors of a shipwreck who died of dehydration. King George VI." A 27-year-old American, Robert Tomarchin, lived the life of a castaway on the island for approximately 2 months in 1957 accompanied by a pet chimpanzee, apparently as a publicity stunt, until people from Pitcairn rescued him in two longboats.

Henderson, along with Oeno and Ducie, was formally annexed to the British Empire in 1902 by Captain G. Jones, who visited the islands in a cutter with a crew of Pitcairn Islanders; and in August 1937, HMS Leander on a journey from Europe to New Zealand carried out an aerial survey of Henderson, Oeno and Ducie, and on each island a British flag was planted and an inscription was nailed up proclaiming "This island belongs to H. The Pitcairn Island Council approved his plans in April 1981 but the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office overrode the decision and vetoed the proposed development after environmentalist groups had lobbied to protect the natural ecology and environment of the island.

Henderson Island is a raised coral atoll that, with Pitcairn, Ducie and Oeno Islands, forms the Pitcairn Island Group.

The nearest major landmass is more than 5,000 kilometres (3,100 mi) distant.

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