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FOOD You are drunk, really drunk, its 6am and you need a taco but think La Zona Norte is to dirty to eat at, wrong!!!!There are burrito vendors on the street outside of Adelitas that have delicious and fresh burritos for you at a dollar a piece.Also, what the hell are you doing going to the drugs and prostitution zone alone anyway?You are probably going to end up doing something you regret very much and might find yourself in a stinky Tijuana Jail cell by morning, and who the hell wants that? DRUGS AND PROSTITUTION Enough has been written about the "new" Tijuana with all its beautiful beaches, exquisite Baja Med cooking and wine country. This is the stereotypical Tijuana that has been known for years.Hundreds of stripers doing whatever they can for those tips, all the maquiladora Korean executives with two girls at a time and yes, even live lesbian sex shows are happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in this place. However, the music is great, the shows are good and giving dollar bills to stripers in Tijuana at 5 am is a special and unique experience that everyone must enjoy at least once in their lives.The drinks are pricey and these will girls will steal your Iphone ( keep it in your front pocket and never take it out) but the experience is unforgettable.

Welcome to the biggest free Latina Porn Tube on the whole web!The geography alone makes it a special place in the world, but that's not even the tip of the iceberg for all the things we can find here.There are different faces to La Zona, all equally as interesting , some a bit shocking but all of them make it what it is, a wild place where anything can happen as well as a dark place that needs much help from local authorities to help it clean up.La Zona is the part of Tijuana where 200 men and women are deported from the United States into Mexico daily, causing a world of problems for living and vagrancy. Heroin and meth tolerance zones run right along the riverbed and on the border with the States.It is a scary part of Tijuana that has been around for years and little has been done by local authorities to help better its decaying situation.

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