Validating form using ajax bulgaria dating ads

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Net framework so i can utilize the standard Anti-CSRF features as shown below.

In particular these post have been the driver of my implementation Anyway in some parts of my app I am doing Ajax POSTs with j Query to the server without having any form at all.Sorry for the long post and thanks very much for helping out EDIT: As per jayrdub answer I have used in the following way @Souhaieb Besbes the validation token should be the same for a user across all pages (it works in conjunction with a cookie that is set and stays the same).So it doesn't matter if there are multiple requests per page, it'll be the same if the base page reloaded [email protected]: There's nothing inherently wrong with Html. i did it for all ajax-POSTs that needed an authenticated user.Anti Forgery Token, but it has downsides: requires a form, requires j Query, and assumes undocumented Html. First off i decided to hook my jquery ajax calls so i do not to repeat myself too often.

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