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In addition to the thorough background check that has already been completed, these employees are disciplined, dependable and have strong leadership skills - priceless attributes in today's market.Certain federal employees and certain employees in the private sector are required to have security clearances because their job requires them to have access to classified documents.OPM, which does one million background investigations every year for federal agencies, is starting a pilot program to test how social media will figure into the the security clearances required for tens of thousands of federal jobs and contracts.Congress also is considering a bill to require similar new scrutiny during background checks of intelligence agency employees.More and more people, whether suspected terrorists or those who have allegedly committed mass shootings, have posted their intentions on public social media sites or talked about violent views.

The importance of a security clearance does not stop with defense contractors.“We haven’t identified the full value of social media,” Evanina said.“Is the effort and resource allocation worthy of collecting it?And when they find information that has no relevance to whether they should have access to classified information, it will be wiped from government servers, the policy promises.The directive from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is an official acknowledgment that social media is a tool as important to security clearances as interviews with friends and family and other checks the government has made for decades.

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