Updating access records in vb6 is terri irwin dating yet

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1) You can use COM components developed in VB6 or the like to separate some of your business logic from your UI. There is no concept of inheritance and other more advanced features are missing from the implementation, but you can encapsulate logic in classes that helps reduce the spagehtti-ness of your app.

Check out this: I agree with @Cirieno, that the selected answer would not be wise to use in production code, for all of the reasons he mentions.

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way way back in the day when VBScript/ASP were still ok I worked in a utility company with a very mixed DB envrionment, I used to swear by this website: @michealpryor got it right I've been stuck building on ASP, and I feel your pain.You may not have used it in years, but it doesn't mean other people aren't still using it, regardless of the wisdom of doing so.(Benefit of some contract work: in and out quickly.NET is an object, including all of the primitive types (Short, Integer, Long, String, Boolean, etc.) and user-defined types, events, and even assemblies.Write Line("The Color Yellow is : " & Colors.yellow) Console.

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