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I don’t know how to navigate figuring things out in my Wasatch Front culture.Today my sister said “when I was in jr high I thought sex was __ and__ and then I figured out it was so much more”.Unfortunately until today I thought that was the same definition of sex.Before I go on I want to add that I have a normal family and very normal parents.Saying “sex” in seminary is almost like a bad word.We also talked about the sex education in Utah which is definitely lacking and most parents don’t supplement their kids sex education in the home.

Sex is very normal, and not talking about it is what makes it seem weird, uncomfortable and not-normal.

The same thing is true for so many of life’s experiences, so it’s not just a sex thing.

Just know that no matter how much you know ahead of time, there will still be plenty of things to learn even after you start having sex.

I’ve had sex thousands of times and I’m still learning stuff (there’s always some new trend or new term I’ve never heard of before).

So keep asking questions, and don’t feel embarrassed about it.

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    If you often feel awkward AF trying to flirt (WTF does that word even mean, really?

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    That was one of the best teachings I've experienced in over 30 years of churchianity. I prayed that god would not only make me someone who could protect myself but that He makeme a fighter so I can protect others. Bro Mike, I had been Molested, beaten, tortured, verbally abused, from age 4 to 15. Diagnosed with Dysthymia, Generalized & Social Anxiety Disorder, Severe, Chronic Depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, migraines. I watched all your videos and listened to Godly music and Bible on CD. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO "MINISTERING TO THE MENTALLY ILL." June 2017. For the last three days, I have watched some of your videos on Youtube. I tryed to be a christian and felt that Jesus took me out of the sewer. I prayed and prayed that I wanted a closer walk with Jesus. I know that one so well like the seed must fall to the ground and die, then new life can come.

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