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It uses synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers.To create a song, the user must input the melody and lyrics.Japanese musical groups Livetune of Toy's Factory and Supercell of Sony Music Entertainment Japan have released their songs featuring Vocaloid as vocals. also have released compilation albums featuring Vocaloids.

The software is intended for professional musicians as well as light computer music users.

When entering lyrics, the editor automatically converts them into Vocaloid phonetic symbols using the built-in pronunciation dictionary.

For example, the voice corresponding to the word "sing" ([s IN]) can be synthesized by concatenating the sequence of diphones "#-s, s-I, I-N, N-#" (# indicating a voiceless phoneme) with the sustained vowel ī.

The site was a hybrid of sports & entertainment news, gossip, opinion, and a healthy dose of scantily-clad women, which was the pageview currency of the day for sports websites (and still is for some). Asking what happened to Brooks became a meme that we didn’t even mean to become one.

Sports by Brooks was doing well enough by 2012 that they were even breaking news before ESPN (who then went out of their way not to credit them). We legitimately wanted to know and our earnest desire for the truth was all we had.

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