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Men in their 20s and 30s embarking on first marriages are relieved to no longer be the sole breadwinner and decision-maker, a burden many watched their fathers shoulder.

"These men are truly redefining masculinity," says Terrence Real, a psychologist and author of .

And the pursuit of a high-achiever is not solely the province of youth.

Status-conscious tycoons want to have second marriages—and affairs—with alpha women.

Says David, a single 33-year-old assistant professor at a prestigious university who routinely filters online dating ads using the criterion of education: "If I were with someone who wasn't of comparable intelligence, energy and drive, there'd be those who thought I'd wimped out and chosen a relationship where I could call the shots and be the all-powerful center." "Showing up with a stacked bubblehead is like conspicuous consumption," agrees Real.

"It's embarrassing to flag yourself as not interested in a real relationship." But is a woman's success sexy? "And the absence of an attempt to do something interesting or difficult is a turnoff." Henry Kissinger may have been right: Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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"We're experiencing a historic change in the things people want out of marriage, the reasons they enter into it and stay in it," says historian Stephanie Coontz of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

"There's a higher degree of parity between marital partners," observes Pak.

"Men want a wife who reflect well in every aspect." In some circles, more eyebrows are raised when a guy marries a woman who doesn't match him in education or professional status.

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Pete Beeman, a 36-year-old sculptor, met Page Fortna, 34, on New Year's Eve in 1997, while she was studying for a doctorate in political science.

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