Trophy wife and dating

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A guy who can have a woman like that on his arm must be a real go-getter, an action man of the highest order.

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun filled nights of champagne and jealous stares.

Watch locked doors open and queues suddenly shorten as people make an effort to fast track you and your human jewelry down the corridors of life. She knows her place in life and doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

From airplanes to lines at the nightclub, you will start to glide through life that little bit easier. She’s there to make you look good and feel good and that’s the role she performs.

There is the example found in the Naturalis Historia (by Pliny the Elder), though the meaning was probably not close to today's meaning and referred to "trophy women" as part of the tribute paid to Roman conquerors by defeated opponents.

Whether they’re at business conventions, movie premieres, or social events, the stunning female with model looks draped seductively over the arm of a far inferior looking male specimen is something we can’t take our eyes off.

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