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There have also been suggestions that the expression may derive from an actual custom of jumping over a "broomstick" (where "broom" refers to the plant common broom rather than the household implement) associated with the gypsies (Romani) of the United Kingdom.

The oddest factor is that she’s 13 years his junior. Us Weekly reports about Scott and Sofia making their courtship more serious.

who assumed that the custom had once existed on the basis of conversations with elderly Welsh people during the 1920s, none of whom had ever seen such a practice.

One had claimed that: "It must have disappeared before I was born, and I am seventy-three".

Instead of placing the broom on the ground, and jumping together, the broom was placed in an angle by the doorway. In southwest England, in Wales, and in the border areas between Scotland and England, "[while some] couples ...

agreed to marry verbally, without exchanging legal contracts[,] ....

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