The list book dating

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Jackets of most regular ML titles reprinted in fall 1942 have correct fall 1942 lists.

First printings of regular ML titles published in fall 1965 have spring 1965 lists at the end of the volumes.

Collectors and booksellers occasionally “marry” books and jackets that didn’t start out together.

If the lists in the book and the jacket are the same, the jacket is probably original to the book.

New titles published in fall 1942 have correct lists at the end of the volumes (if they have lists at all) but spring 1942 lists on the jackets.

A ML list in the book or inside the jacket may be the only way to distinguish a first printing from a later printing.

The list on the jacket dates the jacket, not necessarily the book inside the jacket.

reliable than numbers in the heading inside the jacket, especially before the mid-1930s.

Since conclusive dating must be based on the list of titles, it’s best to ignore back panel numbers altogether.

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