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Your midwife will be especially vigilant about protein in your urine if you’re in the second half of your pregnancy, as it may be a sign that you’re developing pre-eclampsia, a potentially serious condition.Pre-eclampsia is thought to be caused by the placenta not working properly.(We're just checking to see if you're reading carefully.We can only promise that 7 days a week.) , we encourage you to make yourself at home by filling out the simple, secure signup page letting us know you're an adult.If your urine sample contains high levels of protein, and your blood pressure is raised, your midwife may take a blood sample.This will check your blood count, clotting, kidney and liver function.Depending on the proteinuria levels, your midwife may bring forward your next antenatal appointment.She’ll check again to see if there’s still protein present, and whether the amount has increased.

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That’s why your midwife asks you to take the sample from your wee mid-stream.If you have a UTI, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic that’s safe to take in pregnancy.Your midwife will add your proteinuria levels to your maternity notes.since i registered I have had a protein in my urine & slight swelling in my foot but my blood pressure is normal & no persistent headache.all my midwife said is that I should drink plenty of water & increase my fruit intake.

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