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A trip back in the time machine to Les’s student days in around Southampton we saw 30862 ‘Lord Collingwood’ leaving the docks.

Back to the edge of the Peak District saw us at Gowhole in snowy February 1968 with three locos on view – two 8Fs and a Black 5.

THE CARDIFF AREA: This included the small GWR tank loco 1340 ‘Trojan’ at Cardiff East Dock which had local connections being based at Old Netherseal Colliery and later at a paper works in Tamworth. Moving on 20 years with 60800 ‘Green Arrow’ headed through, appropriately on goods, and a further goods working had a grotty N2 69513 in charge.

There was a nice shot of 70020 ‘Mercury’ at Canton, an unusual visitor to Cardiff General in the shape of 46169 ‘The Boy Scout’, locos in store at the East Dock Shed plus and diesel selection. A Scot, 46155 ‘The Lancer’, was in extremely clean condition, possibly on an enthusiasts’ special. CARLISLE: The year was 191 ‘Queen Elizabeth’ was ready to hand over to another member of the class.

Below is a list of all the recorded BRS meeting reports by date going back to 1985.

Italics denote that the event was a ' Natter Night' or an ' Additional Meeting' - meetings held at times others than on the normal first Wednesday of the month.

Moving further back in time to 1957, Les’s personal motive power was a motorbike and on this trip he captured Clan 72007 ‘Clan Mackintosh’ and a very dirty 9F. Thus we viewed a Q6 in the wilderness near to Consett in 1964 followed by a view of Cockshute shed in Stoke. A night shot taken on 29th December 1967 on the last evening at Tebay shed was followed, touchingly, by a sunset photograph. As ever, it was a wonderful evening of quality photography.

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After a view of Tinsley depot in 1965, Les stated that hardly anything railway-related now survives in this area.The earliest reports can be viewed as pdf files by clicking the link below the relevant year's programme list.Please note that there are no reports available between 19, and for 2004, and there are gaps elsewhere, particularly in the early years.196 ‘Clan Mackenzie’ was handling a goods train whilst in 1963 Burton Jubilee 45557 ‘New Brunswick’ was fairly clean and handling the 08.05 Birmingham service.Another freight service had the rare combination of 70041 ‘Sir John Moore’ and D5707 with the Co-Bo leading!

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