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Some replied to the post saying they knew the Snapchat users who sent the racial messages.

“The language and imagery used in these racially charged texts is intolerable and counter to the character and ethics we expect of our student body,” Avants said in a district statement.

So far, she said, the messages appeared to be written by “several young people in the community, at least some of whom attend the district’s high schools.” The racial messages were revealed on Twitter with screenshots of a conversation that had been shared on Snapchat.

The users refer to black people by using the N-word and suggest they “jet on over to Africa and smuggle a new one over.” Immediately after that message, an image sent by a user named “Williammm” shows a white man about to whip a black man who is on the ground.

The Clovis Unified School District said Saturday that it is investigating social media messages that may have come from students in the district and are racially demeaning.

Kelly Avants, Clovis Unified spokeswoman, said that administrators became aware of the social media posts overnight.

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Now there is the matter of taking out the large compliment of guards escorting the captives. See that downed tree to your right in the picture above?Besides Skill points, the only other knowledge on the Slave is that they have the Team-Building-Expert Trait and that when possessed by the Shapeshifter they get a "Buy Freedom" option when talking to their respective Slavemaster.Once released they become Former Slaves, being identical to normal Slaves, just missing the explosive helmet. If player previously owned the slave: Hey, remember when you literally owned me? If player never owned the slave: Freedom, glorious freedom!Now on to the list of rules: • This channel is not a meat market, slave market, or pickup room. Slaves should beg to join the conversation if one is in progress, and also to be excused/afk. • Be respectful of others and behave according to your station.• No one is required to lowercase proper nouns here. Gentlemen, please at least be civil unless given cause to be otherwise. The outright prohibiting of all RP has been lifted, however, no forms or RP are required or encouraged.

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