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I was shown the presentation, paid money to get in, and became active. All I remember is having to spend about 0 per month on the products just to meet my 100 points!

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That is why perhaps you are researching this review after someone approached you at the store, coffee shop, or mall, and presented the Amway opportunity.

You are taught and trained to keep on attending the meetings, buying materials, purchasing books, and tickets to seminars…all which cost money. Before then, I had always been in that “oh well, I should just get a job” mindset.

But let me tell you what: it wasn’t as much Amway as it was the group/team I was in that made the difference. Whenever there were gatherings, it was nothing but moving upward and forward no matter what level you were.

Tonight's client was a visiting american, he'd seen my website and wanted to meet me.

As always Nicole would come too for my safety and her 25% cut.

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