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The courses that have been recorded are: Of the water courses listed above, four still supply water to the city of Aurangabad.

The construction of the first modern water supply system began in 1932 at the request of the Nizam and was completed in 1933, at a cost of Rs. (350,000 rupees) A settling tank with a capacity of 4.64 lakh (464,000) gallons was installed near the Gaumukh service reservoir and the distributary system was expanded.

Nagpur was the capital of the Berar Subah, known as the Gulshan-e-Berar in the Medieval period from the rule of the Khiljis to the Mughals according to the Ain-i-Akbari and Alamgir Namah.

Though being culturally, politically and financially different from the rest of Maharashtra, the calls for a separate state rose to prominence only when the leaders from this region were sidelined by other political leaders in the Government of Maharashtra in recent years.

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Nahr water system provided clean water for the people of Aurangabad and its suburbs.

Vidarbha was ruled by the Vakataka dynasty in the 3rd and 4th centuries BCE, it consists of two branches - The Pravarapura Nandivardhana and Vatsagulma (now called as Washim) branches.

The Pravarapura Nandivardhana branch ruled from different capitals like Pravarapura (Paunar) in Wardha district and Mansar and Nandivardhan (Nagardhan) in Nagpur district.

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