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In response, she posted this video, showing the "transformation" in real time: Because I've had comments on one of posts claiming Photoshop...

no🙅🏼 it's called the human body and it moves in and out because I'm not a statue.

Mr Fasoli, 58, was believed to have died in an electrical blaze until the victim's stunned nephew discovered the video on his fire-damaged computer hard drive nearly two years later.

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Towards the end of his ordeal, Mr Fasoli can be heard crying out in distress after his head was covered and he was dragged from the bed out of view of the camera.

Harrowing footage shown to an Old Bailey jury shows Mr Fasoli begging for his life and saying he could not breathe as he was attacked by fantasist Marshall.

The killer is kitted out with police accessories he bought online including a police utility belt, handcuffs and a pistol holster.

"The girls you see on Instagram don't walk around with one leg bent and one hip popped and flexed abs the whole time!

" But the difference between the two photos was so dramatic that some commenters accused Giorgetta of using Photoshop to alter her body.

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