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I stand behind this print and I put my name on the line.” OK, so not everybody is quite so dramatic, but signing a print is a really big deal!

It’s like signing a check — if you didn’t write the check, and you don’t have the funds to back it up, you wouldn’t sign it. Same thing with prints — if you didn’t make the print, and you don’t have the confidence to back it up, don’t sign it!

Whether it’s legible or not, your name is still on the print and you’re promoting your brand.

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But I don’t think something like that exists, and I know the process of signing fine art is less than defined.() Another reason you might sign a print is to increase the value of the piece.Since the signature states that the print was truly produced and/or approved by the artist, it becomes more desirable to art collectors.As you read through the rest of the article, this will make more sense.We’ll also talk about this idea of “extra room” in the next article when we cover mounting, matting, and framing.

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