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Ha ganado la vida eterna y está preparado para zambullirse de nue"Un inmortal es alguien que, tras desplegar al máximo todas las posibilidades de su cuerpo y su mente, tras desechar las pasiones y erradicar hasta los mas sencillos e inofensivos deseos, ha alcanzado una existencia libre y espontanea ; es un ser tan proximo a la perfección que su cuerpo no es más que una cáscara o un receptáculo del puro espíritu.Ha ganado la vida eterna y está preparado para zambullirse de nuevo en el ilimitado océano del puro ser.This book so far has been extremely informative in regards to eastern medicine and diet, proposing lifestyle changes to lead to a healthier body, mind, and soul.Some of the tips are things I would not regularly practice myself, but I still find their explanation for why they are necessary to be of interest.GOOD BOOK IF YOU ARE INTO CHINESE PHILOSOPHY, HEALTH, CHEE GUNG ETC.. I HAVE SO FAR READ IT 5 TIMES IN THER LAST 15 YEARS , HAVE APPLIED THE TECHNIQUES AND IT HAS CHANGE MY LIFE....terrifying. makes me want to cleanse my colon and flush my sinuses with a neti pot and eat nothing but pure umprocessed food.despite the author's best efforts however, I do not wish to give up ejaculating.Such a great 'reference' book about so many areas of life, but I disagree with the premise that longevity is the chief aim of life.Alimentación, enfermedad, etc etc, es visto y contado como se ve desde el tao.Genial, para tener cerca de la cabecera, o en la cocina.

Oriental philosophy and culture has so much intuitive wisdom to offer, that we don't have in our Western collective consciousness.As the book puts it, "Taoism is concerned primarily with life on earth.It unequivocally equates physical and mental health and insists that only a strong, healthy body can house a strong healthy spirit, which is why Tao focuses so strongly on health and longevity." The assertions that "a supreme state of being-a sublime state that lies deeply locked within every hu Such a great 'reference' book about so many areas of life, but I disagree with the premise that longevity is the chief aim of life.), Pero hay muchas cosas que tienen mucha lógica, y me encanta ahora saberlas, no se si para aplicarlas o no, pero es información muy valiosa. I didn't though care for the often preachy tone nor the constant pitting of Eastern versus Western medicine.It isn't a competition and one isn't superior over the other. There are some very useful and practical applications provided in this guide.

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