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Most commonly known as Professor Xavier’s outer space girlfriend, Lilandra is the Empress of the Shi’ar Empire, an advanced alien species of bird people.She has funky feathers for hair, hollow bones, and lays eggs, but she sure knows how to wear a metal bodysuit.Isabel is an alien hybrid who was found roaming the desert with her equally spacey brother Max.Raised by humans, she’s managed to blend into high school cliques and maintains a firmly human façade, despite her innate ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level and to be played by Katherine Heigl.The love interest of the title character in Edgar Rice Burroughs’s , Dejah Thoris is a Martian princess who would seem equally at home as a Conan damsel in distress. After escaping the lab that created and then tried to kill her, the alien Sil goes on a rampage through the city, trying to mate with men in the hopes of spawning more aliens to take over the planet.

The characters come from movies, video games, comics, and more, and the list is limited to female or female-analogue biological entities from a different world than the main protagonist.Possessing the power to blast energy, the ability to fly, and a propensity to show up in weird purple strappy space swimsuit outfits, Starfire is a no-brainer on the hot aliens list.Although she appears only briefly in before being gunned down on ET’s home planet (I’m not joking about that) like a punk, Aayla Secura (Amy Allen) has become a fan favorite character.Exotic and devoted to her tribe, Neytiri (voiced and played by Zoe Saldana) wins the heart of human interloper Jake Sully and redefines the alien girl archetype.With a twisty history that spans at least a couple of reboots and DC Universe crises, Supergirl’s history might be malleable, but her fandom love is firm and unwavering.

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