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Marshall Field III died in 1956, and Field Enterprises experienced a period of considerable expansion under Marshall Field IV.Educational Corporation's World Book instituted a science service which provided newspapers with information on NASA and American astronauts.The Field Enterprises Records are the physical property of the Newberry Library.Copyright may belong to the authors or their legal heirs or assigns.In the late 1950s Field Enterprises also bought Paper Flotation, Inc., and the Manistique Paper Company to supply the growing newspaper empire.

The collection contains correspondence from the Field Enterprises executive branch, including Marshall Field III, Marshall Field IV, and Marshall Field V, as well as Milburn (Pete) Akers, Emmett Dedmon, Larry Fanning, Larry Sizer, and Walter Strong.

The series also contains numerous letters to then editor James Hoge regarding a layout redesign in 1977; files created by Herman Kogan, then cultural editor, dealing with his "Insight" articles for the centennial issue of during the 1970s, and the files of Baker Marsh, who was the foreign editor during the 1950s and 1960s.

Marsh's files are labeled and arranged as he had them originally, by subject.

Correspondence from various employees is also present, including Keyes Beech, Jacob Burck, Milt Caniff, John Drury, Georgie Anne Geyer, Smith Hempstone, James Hoge, Herman Kogan, Irv Kupcinet, Ann Landers, Baker Marsh, Paul Scott Mowrer, Richard Scott Mowrer, Lou Pryor, Sterling Quinlan, Mike Royko, Nick Shuman, George Weller, and Lois Wille.

Due to preservation concerns, some audio materials are not available for patron use at this time. foreign service, including the files of foreign editor Baker Marsh and editor Nick Shuman.

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