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Reaching into the depth of my mind I remembered a supposed high school head master who DID owe me a favor.

Rumor says this high school has a LOT of off world support, surely some of the star faring races that visit earth might have tentacles, or other such appendages.

First I got on the line to a Hollywood producer I had some incriminating photo's of. I figured we'd do a porno film with a well endowed male star.

They could add some special effects tentacles and get an actress to pretend she was orgasming to the tentacle effects when they supposedly touched the appropriate places.

Fresh off a Golden Globe nomination for the Ferdinand song “Home,” the 25-year-old is opening up about what he has in store for 2018. It’s been done for a little while, but it’s been so crazy busy this last part of the […] The feud between Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans has been reignited over Twitter.

The costars are battling over sharing stories about each other in the media and the cease and desist letter Evans’ sent Lowry.

I hoped the police were NOT noticing that part, that no touching rule again.

Or was it just the audience that's not supposed to touch the entertainment?

Why as fate would have it, we are planning on a floor show tomorrow that will be broadcast live on our website - live." "You BETTER have" says a woman in a G I Jane outfit, she is armed to the teeth. I wondered if there were any tentacle men who owed me a favor.

"We KNOW were you live, more importantly" said one with glasses, "We have all your credit card numbers and will destroy your web site and personal life if you DO NOT come through." Shit, a hacker among them, never piss off the hackers, I'd learned that the hard way. "By this Friday the web site will have all the details and will also broadcast live for those that cannot attend the live performance.

We will also get that tentacle sex section BACK up.

In that case, it’s likely an album […] Jay-Z teamed up with acclaimed director Ava Du Vernay for his star-studded music video for “Family Feud,” which features a ton of famous cameos.

The full clip was released on Tidal on Friday, December 29, after he shared a short teaser featuring his wife, Beyonce, and daughter Blue Ivy on Thursday.

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