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You might be able to pick it up now from the news stands.

Anyway this chap called Oliver Smith runs a business called Motor Wheel Service International, MWS, which was started in 1927, yes that’s right, it during the Bentley time and he now runs this family business that his grandfather bought in 1947.

But in fact the weight distribution is very little changed compared to the MGB, although the car is 3½ cwt. Other factors which work against an increase in understeer include an increase in power and the fact that the front tyres are run at 4 psi above the rears.

The rather heavy bonnet is released by a pull knob awkwardly located on the passenger’s side.

He refers to the different lacing patterns and offset that are required by different models of cars and says they “try to keep to the original patterns as much as possible”.

We roll the threads into the ends because this gives a much stronger thread than removing some of the steel by cutting.Hopefully they can do better than jack up a wheel or push the car back and forth etc.Here is how to make a tool by using a 3/4" cut off section of a tube spanner and a piece of 3/4" by 3/16" steel bar 11.75" long.He tells a wonderful story about Dunlop wheels and its competitors Dayton and Borrani which are still around today.Oliver mentions the two common hub sizes: 42mm for most cars and 52mm mainly used for Jags and of course Rolls Royce used lots of other sizes.

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