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A TV can work very much like a drug, and many drug users claim they use drugs for the escapism rather than any other effect.If the addiction is left unchecked, victims can spend more time removed from our world than actually participating within it.Another often overlooked addition is the habit of constantly occupying the mind with things designed for occupying the mind.Traditionally, alcohol has always been used as the main form of escapism – along with music, games, drugs and procreation.If you are sitting while reading this, consider how often you seek a seat. When visiting friends, do you instantly target the sofa? Extreme lengths of time spent sitting can also lead to the laziness addiction featured at #10 as it can be much harder to get up and be motivated for work once you’ve comfortably sat down.

However, as Friedrich Nietzsche once said “You have your way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” “Summoned, one shuffles guiltily into the department of trivia.” — John Sutherland Most of us love to learn and understand things, but how often do we absorb tiny little bits of inconsequential trivia? Tv advertisements and billboards coax us with facts and figures, magazines deliver tantalizing tit-bits of scandal and gossip, and the internet fills our minds with thousands of facts – some of which are completely wrong.An idolizer of the Punk era may be just as addicted to Punk as a lifetime fan of Harrison Ford is to their hero.It can be as simple as rearranging ones social life around a favorite TV show – which to the addict becomes ‘unmissable’ – or buying a specific magazine for a weekly/monthly fix.How many of us read the daily newspapers today only for it to become ‘yesterdays news’ tomorrow. A trivia addict is often someone who’s main pleasure in life is to memorize random facts and spout them off to onlookers in an attempt to make themselves look good, and who often dreams of winning the pub quiz or a game show for a huge cash prize.Trivia buffs often wallow in small-talk, gossip, and rumor and sometimes aggrandize subjects the rest of us care little about – such as Latin names for plants, points scored in sports games from 30 years ago, or slight model variations or revisions of vehicles or technology.

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