Sedating a dog before euthanizing

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Today was the day for euthanasia and it was quite sad.

I'm surprised that none of the vets in your area do sedation or place an IV catheter before euthanasia. I am guessing that the main concern with not sedating Sammy is that, sometimes, when a cat has respiratory problems, when we give the sedation, it can cause a cat to have even more breathing problems.

My cat was recently diagnosed with tumors in his lungs. I have to feed him through a syringe as instructed by our vet. We've discussed with the vet about having him put to sleep because we don't want him to just be here and suffer. Our vet has been in business a very long time and we've been there since Sammy was a kitten. Right now my only other option is just keeping him at home and comfortable and letting him pass here. I had a very similar case as my first appointment today.

He will drink water on his own and still uses his litter box. It was an elderly kitty with a chest cancer and he was really having serious breathing issues.

Veterinarians are often asked “Will euthanasia or the medications used hurt my pet? Euthanasia is a Greek word meaning "the good death".

” We understand that the stress of deciding when to put your pet to sleep is overwhelming – but to add on the thought that it hurts – can really put pet owners into a state of confusion. It is a gift that we are able to give our pets - to suffer ourselves so they can be released from suffering.

This injection is given either under the skin (like a vaccination) or in the muscle.

If a cat is in respiratory distress, then this can end up causing severe panic for both the cat and its owners. and for you guys to discover that Sammy is struggling to breathe.

Naturally, people have a fear of euthanizing their pet and agonize over whether they are doing the right thing.

Two of the more common questions we are often asked are "will it hurt? "With Lap of Love, euthanasia is not painful and typically more peaceful than most people expect. Because in almost all cases, we give our patients an injection of a sedative before euthanasia.

Often, for cats, it can be easier to give an IV injection by using the vein on the inside of the back leg.

It is often easier to inject directly into this vein than putting a catheter in.

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