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I'm a huge kdrama fan and coming across this just makes me love kdrama much more to be honest.

Also like Miss Bee (comment bellow me) mentioned "Chris and Steve" comment moved me too. And how I wish the producers, writers and directors of this drama can read this comments so they can know a lot of people appreciate their work.

it was tasteful & the writers just left it to your imagination, there's no sex scenes they simply hug each other most times, i heard they cut the kiss scene w/c i have no problem with that! thanks to those involved in this drama esp Song chang eui & Lee sang woo they're both excellent actors!

the story of taesub & kyung soo are my favorite scenes in this drama, they're so sweet together & really in love w/each other!

Cause I read somewhere that there was a huge backlash when the drama aired. *sighs* i'm now on epis 20 of this drama & it made me cry buckets! i don't want to spoil this for anyone who hasn't seen it but i highly recommend this drama! I remember watching in 1972 old a Soap Opera drama (Number 96) in Australian.

no wonder song chang ui won in this drama series he was superb in his acting as always! Was reading about it because 2 of the actors are in other series I have watched since the spring. If the series becomes available on Netflix, I will watch it. It lasted 6 years with only 4 of the original cast still in the drama at the end.

I am 65 years old and had been in Australia for past 36 years.

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It's funny that him and Nam Sang Mi started dating in real life, it certainly was because of the romance between their characters.I shall be back after i finish watching this wonderful love story of taesub & kyungsoo! I watched this last year and I'm planning to re-watch it on Viki after finishing the drama I'm currently watching called "Heard it through the gravevine". Like ever since I watch the US version of Queer as Folk and Brendan and Ste (of Hollyoaks) storyline.2 thumbs up waaay up & kudos to the writer/director & crew and all the stars who were great in their own roles! It's been difficult to find a LGBT series that as a realistic love story.i can't wait to finish this & hope it's a happy ending for taesub/kyungsoo! Kudos to Song chang ui & Lee sang woo for their excellent performance!it must not be easy for these actors to play their roles i'm sure but they acted so naturally!

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