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The odd thing about being blindfolded for hours is that you loose track of time. Someone removed my blindfold and I felt the chains being unclipped. Like me, their bodies showed the effects of hours or torture. SPRING BREAK Ch 2 I spent all of Saturday night and part of the next morning tied face down to my bed.I slept, or fainted, from time to time, to be awakened by one of the boys climbing on me, or biting a nipple or doing some other form of torture. The boys were sitting around the kitchen table, and they rose politely when I came in. We didn't whip your back at all." One of the boys pointed out. The boys whipped and fucked me, over and over and over."I had a very nice dinner this evening." The boys looked sheepish. This is Saturday night." I put down my sandwich in astonishment. "Yep, we've been fucking you for over thirty hours." They burst into laughter. "Well, actually Ma am, , , I was sort of thinking about fucking you in the ass," one of them said. He always seems to know the best way to torment his sister.Kathy loves having her breasts tortured and actually has orgasms from the pain.From the sound of things my niece Ann wasn't being ignored either. Starving." "I ought to be a good hostess and make breakfast, but I'm just too tired.The sounds of fucking mixed with the smack of a whip came from her room. Besides, all those corpses upstairs will be coming to life at different times.I was starving but dreaded the idea of cooking breakfast for that entire mob of boys and girls. He poured himself a cup of coffee and joined me on the porch. Peter is a gentleman, I saw him pretending not to look at my nude body. I think there's nothing cuter than a girl mincing around in leg irons. The girls had difficulty walking and toppled over onto the grass more than once, to the boys' delight.I teased him for a while, crossing and uncrossing my legs until finally I laughed and spread my legs. I had no difficulty walking in hobbles, having worn restraints since my wedding day, but I jiggled for the boys anyway.

The house was spotless and they had a glass of wine ready for me. I felt a sweet little tingle in my pussy at the sight.Snores came from the boys' rooms and the guest bedrooms. " "Yes ma am." "Have you ever tortured a woman before? "Never hurt a girl who doesn't enjoy pain." "This is all pretty new to me," he confessed. I told him to bring back enough food for twice as many people as were in the house. My skin was too tender for underwear so I went panty and bra less. She was naked and had her hands bound behind her back. "Aunt Beth, will you please tell him that slave night is over," she said to me. She wriggled and tried to frown, but a smile peeped around the corners of her mouth. He ignored me and rummaged through a drawer until he found a pair of handcuffs. "Slave status or not, I'm issuing a command," I said. You may extend slave night to cover tonight, but we get a break during the day. Mark cuffed my hands in front and slipped a hobble on my ankles. "Its just that handcuffs and ropes end up lying every where when someone is finished using them, and so they get put away where ever a handy place can be found." "Oh." "Would one of you go and wake up Kathy," I asked.I went down to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. He blushed sweetly and tried to poke it back inside. "I lost count but I sure liked it." "What about torturing me? I've had lots of experience with teen aged appetites, especially when the teenagers have been expending a lot of energy. Peter had returned with the food and a couple of other boys were in the kitchen eating. Mark made a magical pass with his hands over her head. No sex or torture until sundown." Mark considered it, then shrugged. He showed one of the other boys how to fit Ann out the same way. "You can bring her down in chains, but tell her its time for breakfast." There was a mad stampede toward the stairs. The boys played frisbee and tossed a football on the lawns while the girls and I lounged by the pool."I don't know about you, but I'm famished," I told them. " They agreed enthusiastically, and helped me make sandwiches and milk. "No, and you didn't fuck me in the ass either," I said. "All right, I suppose you all want to fuck me again," I said. The night seemed to blur as I fell asleep every time they left me alone, only to be startled awake with by a whip smack across my butt, or a cock rammed up my ass. I heard my daughter Kathy shrieking in her room as they tortured her."I can't imagine why I'm so hungry," I said as we ate. "No wonder my pussy is so sore, and just look what you've done to my body." I opened my negligee to show my whip marks. "I suppose I should be grateful for that too." They all grinned. I remember at one point feeling the weight of someone's body on my back and his snores in my ear as one of the boys had fallen asleep atop me. I assumed that her brother Tom was yanking on her nipples with pliers again.

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