Reliability monitor stopped updating

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Just type the magic letters "reliab" (without quotation marks) and click on View reliability history. - Reliability Monitor on the start menu search The third option for starting Reliability Monitor is by opening up the Windows Run Box (Windows Key R) and type the command: perfmon /rel then press the Enter key.

This feature was originally intended to be used by system administrators (admins) running Windows Server 2008, not on Windows user based systems. - The Reliability Monitor Interface Like your car's onboard computer constantly monitors critical performance values such as fuel consumption, tire pressure, engine RPMs and valve load, Windows constantly monitors the system state of the operating system between initial logon and the system shutdown.

The tool’s greatest strength is to inform you, on a scale of 1 to 10, the level of performance of your computer. The graph also reflects the nature of a performance problem against time.

If your computer shows a problem that reduces the performance to a five rating, and then that problem is corrected, it may take several days to achieve a higher rating.

NOTE: The Windows Kernel doesn’t create application crashes as kernel and user apps like Link Collector or Outlook run in different system spaces. Two troubleshooting steps within the Windows compatibility troubleshooter process (switching the Compatibility settings to Windows 7 and disabling high DPI scaling) solved the crash.(See Figure 8.) Figure 8.

They also insist that customer satisfaction, as measured through independent surveys, is high.

The Reliability Monitor (View reliability history) should open.

If you don’t see the “Type here to search” box, right click the Task Bar, move up to Cortana and click “Show search box.

The Reliability Monitor graph will show your performance rating as noted by a thin blue line at the top. Warnings are noted by yellow triangles and information by blue circles.

On the left edge of the graph you can move back in time up to 1 month. Below the graph the details show the Source, Summary, Date and Action.

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