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The point at which a late payment is reported to the credit bureaus can vary quite a bit.There’s a grey area between 30-60 days late where some companies will report and some will not.However, if you make the payment before it becomes 90 days late, you will escape the worst of the damage to your credit score.(The negative impact will fade much more quickly – perhaps within a year or two – compared to a payment that is more than 90 days late, which will hurt your credit score for up to 7 years) Also, at this point on the timeline (30-60 days late) your account will likely be given to in-house debt collections specialists.Keep in mind, if you already have a history of missing payments (or making late payments), they will be more likely to report you after the 30-day mark.If you are missing payments because the total payment amount is too large, you may want to consider a debt consolidation loan to reduce your total monthly payments. After the second missed payment, you will be charged another late fee of -35 and the credit card company will be more likely to report your late payment to the credit bureaus.Which brings us to the other big question: will one missed payment (or late payment) affect your credit score?

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By the time you are 180 days late, you are usually in a world of hurt.

Once you are 90 days late, however, it will almost always be reported.

So if it’s reported to the credit bureaus, how much will the late payment hurt your credit?

That is not the same as being turned over to a collections agency, but it is an intermediary step as the company tries its best to recoup the money it is owed.

At this point, you can expect to receive calls from the internal collections agents who work for the credit card company.

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