Purpose of dating lesson plans

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Overview Featured Resources From Theory to Practice This lesson has students read a novel after going on a "blind date" with a variety of novels during a class period.Students then create an argument for why their classmates should also read their novel (even if they do not like the book they read).You'll also be able to make edits to assignments from here, like removing games or exercises, or changing the due date.

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This encourages students to read for enjoyment back to top The Blind Date with a Book learning project is much more than just an engaging activity for students; the purpose of the project is to encourage independent reading based on students interests.

Not only does the extended lesson provide ample opportunities for differentiation based on individual student needs, but it also brings the power of choice back to the English classroom.

Too often, students complain about the canonized choices that populate our high school curriculum.

To perk up, she stopped in the rest room and splashed some cool water on her face.

There was some turbulence and a sign lit up: PLEASE RETURN TO THE CABIN. But many Christians wonder, How can I know God’s guidance, especially in the crucial decision of whom I should marry? Genesis 24 is the longest chapter in Genesis, but since it is a unit, it’s tough to break it down into several messages. We could learn about serving the Lord from the fine example of Abraham’s servant.

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