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That said, some of the immature characters, dialogue, and premises do make me cringe.People often swear for no reason in a way that feels really forced, and a pimp that only speaks in auto-tune and calls every girl a bitch gets old fast.Before the credits roll you'll catsit a tiger, play a hilarious text adventure, get a sex change, hack up Mexican wrestlers with a chainsaw, visit a Tron-like computer world, and participate in many other ridiculous leisure activities.Saints Row the Third can be accused of being many things, but repetitive isn't one of them.

This is an open world but I wouldn't say it's a living world.

There are two endings (you'll get to see both), one a super downer and one that doesn't make any sense.

However, following the story is just half the fun, and when I completed the campaign after 14 hours of play I had only finished half of the side missions with an overall 72 percent completion.

Your job throughout Saints Row the Third is to take over this new city and crush the competition.

After an intro mission sets up your exit from Stilwater you'll get the chance to customize your character.

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