Pro cons of high school dating

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Overall team South Dakota did extremely well, the girls placed fourth overall and the boys placed 10th overall. Dale reported that he would like to thank Digger and Ann filling in when he was forced to leave for a family emergency.

They took care of anything that needed to be done, along with Allen Good, appointed SD JH National Director.

It was not a sufficient connection to download and transfer information and results to the website this year.

Ann reported that the computer’s connection did work correctly when taken off the grounds and back to the motel.

She reported that the calendar sales revenue was down by ,000 this year.

She has asked the calendar contacts to use their judgement and relax a bit when handing out calendars, keeping track of those they are handing them out to so they will not have to come back for more calendars to sell so frequently.

Some ideas that were presented to help improve the calendar sales were to give them away as Christmas presents, to sell the calendar as a raffle and not just a fundraiser.

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It is helpful if clubs donate prizes and for different levels of calendar sales if they can afford to do so.Taylor Fox asked for a script that can be given to the kids when selling calendars.She is a teacher and reported that not all kids are salesman, and a script would help those that have more of a difficult time selling something.Rod Kusser from Venture Communications asked the host committee specific questions about the Internet and a broadband connection.He is willing to work with them to ensure that the Internet works sufficiently next year.

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