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After you have filled the field (defaults to current logged on Word Press user) and made your choise, the related *file will be creates at the target components folder.

The new language immediately shows up at language list and can be handled now by further actions.

This files will be used to replace the english text phrases during the process of page generation.

This translation capability has the origin at the functionality which currently been used across a wide range of open source projects.

If your prefered language doesn’t exist, you can simply add it.

The occuring dialog lets you choose your new language but will skip those already existing for the target component.

The *files are pure text format and must meet a dedicated specification to be analyzable by software programs.

You will translate some phrases, generate a *file and finally upload it.

If you choose the entry, you will get the complete overview about all components of your Word Press installation, that are ready or having already language files on board.

This plugin inspects Word Press itself, all plugins out of plugins folder and also all themes out of theme folder.

A red marked file indicates, that it permits readonly access and thatswhy it can’t be written.

Files marked with green color will show you, that you can read and write it.

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