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For a good dating (and relationship) dynamic, both people should hold roughly the same amount of power. if one person exposed to the other he or she is very interested and his or her interest won't wane), it shifts this balance to the other person.

Now, he or she has the power to decide how the situation can play out.

The thing about this particular phenomenon, however, is no matter how hard we try, we will play dating games.

It's simply a natural necessity in the dynamics of human attraction.

Dating is comprised of attraction, intrigue, lust, stomach butterflies and relationships are very much the same, with the addition of trust, security, openness, etc.

Most of us know if we show too much of ourselves too early, there is a very real possibility the other party may get bored or not like what he or she sees. Of course, most of us would prefer to think that wouldn’t happen, but the possibility of it is enough for us (or the other person) to play games in order to safeguard feelings.

Naturally, opening up this much will include a sense of vulnerability because we're entrusting someone with our deeper emotions.

Dating is the first stage of revealing our emotions to someone else.

The amount of these two factors also determines the intensity of the attraction.

The four following points offer an explanation as to why games will always be played in the dating arena: At the risk of oversimplifying, in the initial stages of human attraction, there are two particular components that, once stirred, can increase attraction. Desire and confusion lead to another large element: Intrigue.

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