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Last winter, Dan taught blind people and others with disabilities how to ski.His parents said Dan's corneas were donated in hopes they'd help others be able to see.He'd say things like, 'Stop to smell the flowers' and 'Look at the beauty around you.' It puts a smile on my face to see those posts.He just saw the world as a wonderful place with wonderful people all around." There was no challenge he wasn't willing to tackle, his dad said."He had this magnetic personality, and he was always so encouraging. "He had an infectious outlook on life." Dan had lived in Colorado for the past four years but moved to Golden just two weeks ago to live with Kristen, a girl he'd known since they were students at the University of Michigan. Both experienced hikers, Dan and Kristen went on a short hike Saturday morning on the Cedar Gulch trail on Mt. As they headed back down the easy 3-mile trail -- hurrying a bit because they wanted to catch the Michigan football game -- they both unknowingly stepped on a 3½-foot rattlesnake that was camouflaged on ground.Kristen instinctively backed away while Dan, who had been bitten on the ankle, screamed in pain.A slew of other hikers pitched in, even helping the paramedics carry Dan more than a mile down the path on a stretcher.Kristen called Dan's parents from the ambulance, saying they were on their way to the hospital.

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Caring, nurturing, understanding INFJ men and women often seem to understand us better than we understand ourselves.Shortly after arriving in Colorado Sunday, Ken and Elaine Hohs hiked up the trail to the spot where their son, Dan, was fatally bitten by a rattlesnake the day before. "I wanted to mark the spot, because that's where his spirit had left us.It was such a beautiful place," Elaine said Tuesday through tears."He did a lot of adventure things that made me and his mother worry at times," Ken said, "but we never thought about snakes." Dan Hohs' wake will be from 10 a.m. Sunday at Glueckert Funeral Home in Arlington Heights, with a service at 5 p.m.In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Ride for World Health, Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Hope for the Day Chicago, or the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.

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