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It allows her to return to the BAU family without backtracking in her career, remember she was running Interpol for the last 4 years.

I think it sent a great message about female empowerment, respecting our careers as women, as well as the notion of coming home. Almost able to switch off certain emotions to get the job done, yet she has never come off as cold or uncaring – quite the opposite.

Two days later my agent called and asked me if I would meet with the producers of Criminal Minds.

I had watched the show since it began airing and had always been one of those people who read everything about serial killers, watched every documentary and true crime show so I was very excited.

An actor who is, to all outward observation, a member of the regular cast, but who still receives guest billing.

This usually has something to do with their contract and whether or not it stipulates that they receive main cast billing (and possibly with how much they get paid), though in some cases, it may be done as a gimmick to call attention to an actor whose reputation vastly exceeds that of the rest of the cast.

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The only reason we have [season finale] cliff-hangers is because of our contracts, so maybe [Prentiss will be in jeopardy this year]. How exactly someone can "guest star" in a production that doesn't have a regular cast is left as an exercise to the reader.Compare Advertised Extra, where a character who is supposed to be part of the main cast ends up feeling like a guest star.However, if they're merely a "guest star," that can often give them the freedom to work on other projects if they want to.Occasionally, you even see a "Special Guest Star" credit on a .

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