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Neither will I be immobilized into inaction by the fear that I will commit an act that will expose me to public condemnation or legal prosecution. Kaya mag-82 kayo or kaya binobombahan niyo kasi ako ng ganun. [applause] Maya-maya pagdating ng mga – [applause and cheers] pagdating nitong mga Western expert kuno, you give them so much premium and importance. The National Government Portal, which we launched recently, will allow faster and easier delivery of public services and reduce the number of visits of the public to agencies for government transactions.

The speech was drafted in English and due to some off-the-cuff remarks, the president finished delivery at in the evening. In other words, we are going to Build, Build and Build.[applause] To the critics against this fight, your efforts will be better spent if you use the influence, moral authority and ascendancy of your organizations over your respective sectors to educate the people on the evils of illegal drugs instead of condemning the authorities and unjustly blaming for every killing that bloodies this country. It is like cracking the acorn from which an oak tree grows - which, in turn, produce the seeds to complete the cycle of [life in] perpetuity. There are beasts and vultures preying on the helpless, the innocent [and] the unsuspecting. When you talk about an incident, talk about it, then condemn, condemn the police. I could not be brighter than you and my work is not more important or your vocation is not less than mine. Then the staff of the President, then Obama.“I would like to remind Mr. To this end, my Cabinet approved the National Broadband Plan of 2017 to begin the work of bringing affordable internet access to every community and improving broadband connectivity in the country.I will not allow the ruin of the youth, the disintegration of families and the retrogression of communities, forced by criminals whose greed for money is as insatiable as it is devoid of moral purpose. But do not connect it with due process and human rights. But when you talk in public carry the proper message. Eh kayo man ang front sa pa-ganun-ganun, eh ‘pag may namatay diyan na maraming massacre, ni-rape mga babae, bata, hindi kayo umiimik. Tingnan mo ang puti, panahon ni Obama, una ‘yung spokesman ng State Department. We have also installed free Wi Fi internet in almost 400 public places around the country. [Applause] will use them to access important information and services.Peace flits away like a butterfly when you try to snatch it by the wings. The red insurgency has been with us for decades; the Muslim issue, for centuries. I am calling [on] both houses of Congress to expeditiously craft a law establishing a new authority or department that is responsive to the prevailing 21st century conditions and empowered to best deliver [an] enhanced disaster resiliency and quick disaster response. But do not give the excuse or do not make it trivial by saying human rights at least we’ll be protected... So much time has lapsed, so many lives have been lost and so much destruction has been wrought but peace eludes us still. Wala akong allowance wala akong tinatanggap lahat except my salary. While the law is [being] crafted with extreme urgency, we need to undertake immediate action to ensure disaster resiliency and effective response in the greater [Metro] Manila area, which is our country’s seat of governance, center of business, commerce, and the academe. I mean if it cracks and it goes down, can we still manage to go up? Hintayin mo lang ‘yan sila na lang sila dito nag-aaway.

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