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[Read: The art of keeping a conversation going with the opposite sex] After the first conversation – Don’t overdo it When both of you start waving hellos and talking to each other, your crush may give you a lot of attention, but don’t get clingy or fall all over your crush.

Play it cool and make it seem like mutual interest rather than a one sided crush.

[Read: 15 subtle but very obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl] #3 Use social media.

Don’t stop and chat though, just say hello and walk past them. It’s a great way to get to know your crush without approaching them directly. If you’re hanging out with your friends and your crush walks past you or sits down somewhere near you, use your friends to send the message across.

As long as you’ve built the chemistry up in the earlier stages, your crush would be waiting to talk to you the very next time both of you bump into each other. – 18 signs to decide his body language] #5 Get friendly with your crush’s friends. When they tease you or constantly stare at your crush, it would embarrass your crush while making them fall for you harder.

There’s always a next time to talk to your crush for longer. If you’re walking in front of your crush or walking past them, *accidentally* drop something of little value like a pen or a piece of paper.

As long as your crush sees it fall, they’d definitely use the excuse to strike a conversation with you.

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