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"In the mornings I have them alone and they kind of work against each other sometimes.

It's like one decides to freak out and then both decide to freak out.

As such, it's not necessarily a sign of incipient insanity – that is to say, as opposed to his world view and policy decisions thus far.

Appropriately enough, this week is OCD awareness week.

A chore actually becomes relaxation time with a sense of fulfillment once the job is done – see also, sorting shopping into fridge/freezer/cupboard bags at the check-out.I took the opportunity to take the nine-year old to task. "For example, I cannot write an article unless it is typed using Helvetica, 12 point." After a brief and unsatisfactory explanation involving various points of reference to serif and sans serif fonts and legibility came the inevitable: "Why?" appreciate that OCD in its most severe forms has serious, life-restricting complications. "I’m laughing at this," he explained, showing me a You Tube clip featuring Donald Trump sitting in meetings and moving things around the table. oathe as I am to correct a small child who has just made an extremely pertinent point, it would have been remiss of me not to point out that such behavior is consistent with aspects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a condition that Trump has acknowledged he suffers from in a "borderline" way (he also has a reluctance to shake hands and attributes this to a fear of germs). My nine-year old was watching a video on his i Pod and laughing his head off – this is usually a sign to intervene in a fatherly fashion as it almost invariably involves people in ‘Epic Fails’, inappropriate language or women with large bosoms on trampolines (occasionally all three at the same time).

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