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To finally have had two nights of sex in the guest room of my own house with my wife's oldest sister while my wife was asleep in our bedroom would probably have negative consequences. Although they did live over 1,000 miles away from us and I have never been to their house, I could innocently propose we swap the sisters like it hadn't already happened between my sister-in-law & I.My sister-in-law is a lot like me and is generally unafraid to say whatever comes to mind. I guessed I already had our two votes, it would only take the other two to opt in and since I knew my wife had always liked her brother-in-law and he seemed to flirt with her when we were together it maybe was at least a viable option. I asked her out of everyone we both knew, who she would at least consider having sex with.I started to fear that nothing was going to happen other than the visit.I did not travel this far to watch the sisters eat at eclectic restaurants and shop.I pretended to be occupied in the other room, but heard the majority of the conversation, which took place mainly in their "quiet" voices.I waited anxiously for the verdict, knowing full well there was still another party involved.

", but now is afraid her husband (63) won't be able to perform anymore after prostate surgery.We were met the next Thursday at the airport with innocent hugs and travelled the 40 or so miles back to their home, arriving just before a spectacular sunset.While I had hoped we would have carved out an agenda/itinerary for our time with them, the women were not inclined to address the subject to my knowledge.My hopes for the visit were dashed and I shook my head in disbelief.There was a similar reaction from my brother-in-law.

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