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Nishikido Ryo I 'm so in love with him, he 's the coolest guy in News. I searched it in Jdrama but found no drama by this name. So refered in Official site, Ryo on the 4th place of the cast list. He always be the coolest guy (both in New S and K8) , which i think that he really is, in reality..,means that he still the same person even if he was in 2 different groups.. moreover all of us are in this situation because we try to know ourselves, know who are we. moreover he openly hurts him in front of everybody. I learned so muchwow, Supersephiroth, it's amazing ^.^ i love ryo too!but I like his perform with Kanjani 8, especially when he with Yokoyama Yu from K8 his image is younger than when he with News, very cute!! Does anyone know how important is his role, or how long does he play a role in one episode. (not all people can act the way they are in different place..) and i have to admit it that he is one the most "kakkoi" boy ... Can we understand what Ueda feels about this ok it's established... i'm so happy i found this thread he's so cute but he likes to bully; have u guyz seen the clip where kusano gets slapped by ryo cuz he said ryo his putting on this shy and cute facade but he's actually not?

I've only seen a news clip of it but it looks SUGOI!! It has been admitted, by Johnny’s Jimusho that this member had the intention to drink alcohol.i didnt like ueto aya until i saw attention please.I always found her annoying but attention please changed my view of her..somehow, ne~ They look okay together I guess.A person has seen Aragaki Yui and Tegoshi Yuya having a close dinner date. They strolled along very slowly as they made their way to a shoppind district with pubs lined along the street. They have been seen eating at italian restaurant with Tegoshi mum. They were dressed somewhat similarity, both in leather jacket with hoodies ( Pi gray, keiko red) underneath.

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