Ned declassified school survival guide double dating

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Moze chooses Seth to be her project partner, but he refuses to do work; Loomer steals Ned and Cookie's baby for life science class.Cookie, Ned and Moze all get detention, after throwing a paper airplane by accident, and they are at risk from older students.Ned tries to help Cookie win a spelling bee to stop the 'Killer Bees', a trio of students bent on winning.Moze has to judge the spelling bee and is forced to sit next to a disgusting teacher.

Ned tries to stop One Bite, a kid who takes one huge bite out of everyone's lunches; Moze wonders why Suzie will not sit with her at lunch; Cookie becomes paranoid after the lunch lady predicts that he will be creamed, crushed, mashed, and black-eyed.Ned plans to dance with Suzie, but is blocked by her on-again, off-again relationship with Seth; Cookie gets a supermodel to come to the dance, but their time is interrupted by a Siberian Husky; Moze tries to encourage Ned and Cookie that they are supposed to have fun at a dance; Gordy tries to catch the weasel at the dance, but fails.Ned must avoid getting sick during flu season when a special guest (and his hero) visits the school; Moze tries to get sick to get out of speaking in front of the class; Cookie is sick but tries to avoid getting caught by the nurse in order to keep his perfect attendance record.The original series pilot was called Ned's Classified School Survival Guide and featured "Boogie" (rather than Cookie) played by Stephen Markarian, who was on the later series as Albert Wormenheimer.The pilot aired once on Nickelodeon, as a special, on September 7, 2003.

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