Naughty chatting sites without registration

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just a very bad service I just want to tell you that plz not to registered there for your benifit.

Just making customer to pay and closed there account and making just fool.

He never comes on video chat (as i guess he mite be someone poor and too old than what he mentioned in his profile). The desperate guy: This guy is so despo that he has invested (not wasted!! The un-catchable NRI: This is someone who is very successful person in USA, CANADA or whichever country. He has done MS MBA but he isn't on Linked In or fb or on any social media.

) his money on membership at just because he can get numbers of females and do crappy talk and video chating with him. Though you might think that u got someone great this person too doesn't exist. The tragedy king: As soon as you both exchange numbers and start talking some huge tragedy strikes this fellow. Earlier on ask him about family details and ask them to contact your parents.

I finally had enough asked asked to give me access one more time so I can delete my account . The businessman: You can read this as unemployed good for nothing fellow. Like he will share his legal documents too just to gain your trust. All my life I worked hard and never stopped, the aim at the end was to retire and rest during my old age. Guys these days getting more and more sources through such domains to cheat girls emotionally as well as physically.I finally deleted my account and lost all my money as they denied any refund ..the way all this happened within a month of opening my paid account I had an account for s 3 years now. This person is a sweet talker he is the CTO and CFO of his own business.PEOPLE PLEASE DONOT WAST YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS WEBSITE THEY ARE TOTAL FRAUDS AND PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY SENSETIVE DOCUMENTS TO THEM !!! He gets irked when you ask about his business and mite even give u a fake website.

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