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In life or death situations, medics are often forced to give patients supplies of O blood while they wait for results.Mismatched blood can lead to death, but this particular type lacks antigens that can trigger immune reactions.Nutritionist and naturopath Zainab Syed explains, "As per the diet, the compatibility or incompatibility of protein lectins found in the food we eat with the blood type antigens targets various body organs or the system." If you're toying with the idea of trying out this diet but are quite impatient when it comes to seeing the results, no need to fret as depending on the age, health concerns, genetic disposition, it would take minimum of a week to about three weeks to see the result of this diet.Benefits The diet suggests consuming more natural foods and therefore cuts down the intake of processed food, junk food, alcohol and chocolates.The results appeared as visual colour changes - teal if a blood group antigen was present in a sample, brown if not.With slightly more time - but still in less than two minutes - the test was able to identify multiple rare blood types.

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After analysing 3,550 blood samples, the scientists found it deciphered results in just two steps - taking less than 30 seconds.The Turkish findings are potentially significant as it’s estimated more than half of all men carry A, B or AB blood.They applied a small sample onto a test-strip containing antibodies that were built to recognise different blood types.However, there are some experts who are sceptical of this diet.Dietician Carlyne Remedios points out one major con, "The diet can be extremely restrictive, especially the diets recommended for blood groups O and A are considerably limited and cut out major groups of foods in the long run this can lead to severe nutritional deficiencies." Obesity specialist Dr Muffazal Lakdawala also agrees saying, "Because this diet can be very restrictive following this diet will definitely result in considerable weight loss.

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