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Another phenomenon faced by several ethnic communities is that many educated men marry outside of their community, race and religion.They are not as bound by the ticking biological clock factor and can usually (not always) find a wife when they get serious about marriage.Another troubling point brought up by Muslims across the diaspora was the desperation angle.If a single Muslim woman of any age expresses interest in getting married she has to deal with the stigma of appearing desperate.Adherence to cultural norms and expectations, generational disparity and the neglect of the Islamic standard for the choice of partners are also hurdles single American Muslims face.

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His career goals are the major reason for the delay in his marriage.

Shuyookh with large social media following often bring up the topic on their timelines.

“We are modeling for our community the lack of marriages, single families and broken homes, that good practicing sisters may never get married.

At a local marriage brunch, many of the women attending were born and raised in the US, educated and articulate, while most of the men were first generation immigrants, without large local networks.

Muslim community leaders are taking notice and some are calling it an epidemic.

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